Spoids YouTube Trailer

Spoids is a challenging throwback to the original brand of tower defense games. As the commander of the Remote Defense Space Station, you will respond to distress calls of those who are being attacked by the invading Spoids. You'll travel from planet to planet using your powerful arsenal to hold back the Spoids long enough to complete your missions. With the unique objective based system, Spoids offers the ability to progress through the game regardless if you are a tower defense pro or a newcomer to the scene.


- Unique story missions: As you progress, new missions will add more perils to deal with in your fight against the Spoids.

- Four medals to unlock at each planet: The more objectives you complete, the higher the medal you will obtain.

- Inlimited Wave Mode: After obtaining a Gold medal or higher, you will unlock the unlimited wave mode for that planet adding hours of replayability.

- Multiple Spoids and weapon types to master: As new Spoids arrive that wreck new havoc on your defenses, new towers will unlock to help combat them.

- Fully Voice Acted: Each mission is completely voice acted by a set of memorable characters that you help to hold off the Spoid invasion.

- PC and Controller Support: Play the game comfortably with your mouse and keyboard or sit back and defend with an Xbox controller.

- Achievements and Trading Cards: A myriad of achievements to unlock and a Steam trading card set to collect.